(b. Wettingen, Switzerland,  1988) are a Swiss artist, based in Zurich. Their artistic endeavors encompass various mediums such as painting, video, installation, performance, and text, all centered around the complexities of contemporary embodiment. Tristan Amor Rabit intentionally challenge conventional readability, emphasizing the interconnectedness of celebration and mourning, while shedding light on societal power dynamics. Currently, they are deeply engaged in a transdisciplinary pursuit of an inclusive state of being, breaking free from rigid categories, static identities, and individualistic, disciplinarian norms. 

Tristan Amor Rabit are involved in coordinating collective projects such as thank you for the reminder:

actual members of the collective are:
Claudia Barth, artist (Zurich, CH)
Clara de Asís, composer, producer and artist (Rotterdam, NL)
Nina Emge, artist (Zurich, CH)
Vanessà Heer, artist (Zurich, CH)
Anton M. O. Hug, philosopher (Paris, FR)
margaretha jüngling, artist-chef (Zurich, CH)
Ari Kurki, philosopher (Berlin, DE)
Tristan Amor Rabit, artist (Zurich, CH)
Victoria Soufflet, artist (Paris, FR)
Wilf Speller, artist (Zurich, CH, London, GB)
Otis Thomé, musician (The Hague, NL)
Flavia Trachsler, artist (Zurich, CH)

(2023-ongoing), a collective which understands itself as a loose group of people who gather for short periods of time by doing residencies to counter dystopian perspectives, or LTD* Academy Zurich (*Living The Dream) (2019-on hold), where learning and unlearning from and with each other are of special interest. From 2020-2021 they were running Warenlift, an independent exhibition space based in Altstetten Zurich. In 2024 they join Echo Club, an experimental learning format th
at collaboratively investigates performance practices initiated by The School for Collective Embodied Inquiry. 

— Residency with the collective thank you for the reminder, La Ma Residenze, La Mandria, IT
— date to be confirmed “then & there #2”, sonic lecture in collaboration with invited guests, attempt studio, Zurich, CH
— July 11-14 Kabinett Visarte Zürich, Zurich, CH
— June 4-19 Summer Residency, Château de la Haute Borde, Rilly-sur-Loire, FR
— April 7 “v-o-i-c-e-.-s” at Gluri Suter Huus Wettingen CH (solo)
— February 25 - April 7 Duo Show with Irene Schubiger at Gluri Suter Huus Wettingen CH (duo)

— October 12-14 Biesenthal – Werke aus der Sommerresidenz at Culterim Gallery Berlin D
— May 2-31 Summer Residency at Culterim, Biesenthal, DE
— February 22 “then & there #1” sonic lecture with Anton M. O. Hug, Alizée River Lenox and Victoria Soufflet, Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris FR
— November-April  Residency at Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris FR
— November 30-February 23 “Dessin” at Kunsthalle Luzern CH    
— October 29-November 26 You & Me & Me & You with Jeanne Jacob und Jérémy Rebord at nomadic art projects, Olten, CH
— September 23-25 And whispers become wide Kabinett Visarte Zürich CH (solo)
— December 11-23 “Best of Visarte Zürich 2021” at OnCurating Project Space Zurich CH
— November 13-January 2 “Auswahl 21” at Aargauer Kunsthaus Aarau CH  
— Mars 25-28 “Précipité” at Mains d’Œuvres Saint-Ouen FR
— November 14-December 19 “Auswahl 20” at Aargauer Kunsthaus Aarau CH
— September 6-18 Residency at Südpol Lucerne CH
— September 26 “Bribes expéri-mentales” at Collectif AVE Saint-Denis FR
— Juillet 25 “Bribes expéri-mentales” at Collectif AVE Saint-Denis FR
— Juillet 24 “Les dérouté.e.s” at Les dérouté.e.s Pantin FR
— May 30 “Bribes expéri-mentales” at Collectif AVE Saint-Denis FR
— Juin 25 “Île au lieu d’ailes” at Université Paris 8 Saint-Denis FR
— July 24-August 7 “Tendencies” at Well Zurich CH

For inquiries: studio (at) tristanamorrabit (dot) com
Instagram: @tarabit_
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